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Water Loss

As water loss experts, we provide essential water loss services that save you money. By performing a preliminary water audit and reviewing your existing data, we will work with you to develop a plan that works for your schedule and budget — and will actually generate revenue for your utility, quickly.

Leak Detection

The fastest way to recover lost revenue from water loss is to begin an active and aggressive leak detection program. We offer comprehensive leak detection services that feature the latest in acoustic leak detection, flow-based leak detection, ultra-sonic flow metering, and acoustic correlation.

Comprehensive Leak Surveys

Find & Fix Programs

Emergency Leak Detection

Canine Leak Detection

Flow-Based Step Testing

Acoustic Leak Detection

Leak Detection
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Meet Gauge

Leak Detection Canine

Gauge is our highly trained water leak detection canine. He spent many months training to locate surface and non-surfacing leaks. He alerts us to chlorine degassing from treated water.


Gauge trains daily with his handler, Pam Rye. When he's not working, Gauge enjoys going for walks, playing with a ball, and taking long naps.

Customer Testimonial

One of the largest potential pitfalls of running a utility is allowing your water loss to get out of control. With unlimited resources, it would be easy to have a team devoted to leak detection on a daily basis, but for us, and I would speculate, for most utilities across the country, having partners like Rye Engineering to come in and assist us with leak surveys has been an invaluable asset. Over the years, Rye's team has found countless leaks both large and small and have aided our District in getting our water loss under control and manageable. No matter what size organization you may be, Rye Engineering can be an invaluable asset for you as well!

- Cody L., Assistant General Manager, H.B.&T.S. Utility District

Meter Testing

Water Plant Meter Testing
We specialize in large water treatment plant meter testing that can be used for water auditing purposes such as annual or semi-annual programs that are available for State compliance. This includes non-intrusive methods such as clearwell drawdown and clamp-on ultrasonic meter testing.

Distribution System Meter Testing

We also offer Distribution System Meter Testing for in-place field testing of commercial, residential, and wholesale meters.

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Meter Testing
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Zone Meter Installation

For many water systems, the most effective way to manage water loss is by breaking the systems into Zones or District Metered Areas (DMAs). DMAs allow operators to control sections of the systems independently. This makes it easy to detect a leak, alerting operators within minutes of a large spike in water flow or a drop in pressure, allowing them to make repairs and limit outages.

Zone Meter Installation

Specialized Equipment Sales

Our specialization in leak detection and water loss management services is what sets us apart from other companies. We have embraced the latest leak detection, monitoring and water testing technology. Over the last decade, we have developed strong relationships with several manufacturers of specialized equipment that we've used in projects and have become distributors for those innovative products.


In addition to traditional acoustical leak detection equipment such as ground microphones and correlators, we offer flow-based leak detection equipment such as multipoint insertion mag meters to locate the toughest leaks even on non-metallic mains such as PVC, HDPE and A/C. We also offer specialized equipment for microbiological water testing.


Water Loss Management

We offer a complete leak detection and water loss solution for your utility. For a predictable annual cost, we will manage all aspects of leak detection and water loss in your system. Our plans are customizable based on your needs and budget.

Comprehensive Leak Surveys

Avoid large out-of-pocket costs

Comply with state water loss regulations

Spread costs over time

Recover lost water revenue

Develop a plan and payment structure that works for you

Water Loss Management
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Check out our
past water loss management projects

From start to finish, we provide a smooth quality customer experience during the duration of our projects. 

Specialized Equipment Sales
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