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Water & Wastewater

From inspections to total system management, we know water and wastewater. We offer engineering services for  water supply, treatment, storage and distribution as well conveyance and treatment of wastewater.

ladder of a water tank

Water Tank

Monitoring your tank conditions and keeping accurate records is required in your state. However, taking a tank out of service just to inspect it can be costly. Using a Remote-Operated Vehicle (ROV) submarine, we can inspect the interior of your tank while in operation.


Services we offer:

  • Repair and Repaint Inspection

  • New Construction Inspection

  • TDEC And Warranty Inspection

Water Tank Inspections


Global positioning is the most accurate approach to mapping, and the most economical. These Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) maps give you the ability capture accurate data in real time and accurately pinpoint hard-to-find assets.

  • Water and Wastewater System Mapping

  • Survey grade GPS locations of valves, hydrants, meters, manholes, and other appurtenances

  • Online GIS viewing

RYE_GIS Map_.png
GPS/GIS Mapping

Water & Wastewater Operations

We offer turn-key solutions to operating your water or wastewater system, with comprehensive packages of management and licensed operation services. We handle it all from billing, operations, and maintenance to state record-keeping. Our staff’s diverse background in operations and management of utilities will allow you to take a hand’s off approach in operating your utility system.

Total utility management

State record keeping

Speciality services

Spread costs over time

Billing & O+M

Wate & Wastewater Operations
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From start to finish, we provide a smooth quality customer experience during the duration of our projects. 

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