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We specialize in detecting leaks... and we're pretty good at it.

When it comes to water loss, specialization matters.


Crucial leaks in our water systems are becoming more common as cities across America face aging water infrastructure — and they cost more to mitigate. Water loss negatively impacts water systems, as well as their environments and the residents they serve. As a result, government mandates are becoming more strict and utilities are required to comply.

As engineers with a passion for problem-solving, we are committed to tackling the most complex aspects of water loss.

As experts in the water loss management field, we create customized plans for our clients that save them money by reducing non-revenue water and meeting government regulations. Throughout our years of serving water systems across the Southeast, we've seen firsthand the detrimental impacts of water loss. Understanding the growing need for leak detection and mitigation, we sought to become the trusted source for leak detection and water loss management. 


Our investment in water loss specialization includes:

Utilizing Innovative


Methodical Planning and Execution

Our goal is to provide solutions that have lasting environmental and financial impact. We believe with a proactive approach to managing water loss, society will reap the benefits far beyond expectations. We're confident with the right technology and the right teams working together, water loss issues facing our water systems can be managed efficiently.

The Cost of Water Loss

For Society

Our nation relies on over 50,000 private and public water systems to sustain our everyday activities. From cooking and bathing to providing water for critical public services, water is essential. Our vast water delivery infrastructure — an estimated 1.2 million miles of distribution pipes — is aging and frail.


According to the American Water Works Association, an estimated 130 billion gallons of water are lost everyday in the U.S. water distribution system, resulting in $77 million in lost treatment and pumping costs.That financial burden usually falls to residents. 


The loss of billions of gallons of water could eventually impair the ability of utilities to meet the water demand to the communities they serve. At RYE, we take water loss seriously and have equipped our talented team with tools, resources, and practices that will improve efficiency. By employing new technologies and automating much of the country’s water systems, we can save money while providing clean, safe water to Americans.

For Utilities

Water leaks vary in severity, but they all have one thing in common: leaks waste money.  In fact, the American Water Works Association estimates that the 237,600 water line breaks in the U.S. cost public water utilities approximately $2.8 billion each year. 


The implications of water loss directly affect your bottom line and ability to serve your customers.  


Regardless of the size of your utility company, leaks are notorious money pits, costing you in lost revenue, variable production costs, and repairs.  These expenses trickle down to your customers. Employing automated tools and creating a reliable inspection process will ensure you’re alerted to, locate, and mitigate leaks before they cost you significantly. 


Our goal is to streamline your water management process, eliminating leaks and establishing fail-safes to detect leaks before they get out of hand.

What Our Customers Say

"Our utility partnered with RYE Engineering on a leak detection project. With their help, we were able to identify over 11,000,000 gallons per month in leaks and fix them to prevent future water loss from happening. Overall, a great company to work with and highly recommend them."

- Gregg M., General Manager, Northeast Knox Utility District

Phase 1


From the beginning, we gather accurate data to help develop a customized plan.

Phase 2


Each project is unique. We create individually-tailored plans for limiting losses and maximizing revenue.

Phase 3


Our skilled staff is hard-working and keen, ensuring your system is installed, monitored, and working efficiently.

Phase 4


We’ll maintain your system on a predictable schedule, and are prepared to help should you need emergency service. 


Meet the Team

Our hard-working team partners with professionals in the water and wastewater industry, including municipal systems, county governments, utility districts and associated entities to offer fresh solutions to their engineering issues. As leading water loss management experts, we ensure your systems are running smoothly and saving you money.

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