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City of Dunlap Water Loss Project

City of Dunlap Water Loss Project

In order to bring the City of Dunlap into State compliance with their water loss, Rye Engineering was hired to design a Water Loss Reduction System. This project consisted of two phases: Engineering Study and Evaluation Phase; and Construction Phase. The first phase was composed of water loss activities such as meter accuracy testing and calibration, night-flow monitoring, acoustic and flow-based leak detection. These activities were performed by Rye leak detection crews in order to immediately reduce real and apparent water loss in Dunlap’s system. In addition, the first phase included the installation of 12 district (zone) meters, the installation of a storage tank meter, as well as a test pit and isolation valve installation. These activities were also performed by Rye in order to help prevent future water loss. The second phase consisted of replacement of leaking service and main lines found during the leak survey. Rye Engineering designed the plans and specifications for this phase of the project and handled all bidding and construction administration tasks. This project was funded by a Community Development Block Grant.


2018 - 2020


Dunlap, TN / Sequatchie County



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