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Tecta B4

The TECTA B4 is a directed enzyme-substrate method combined with a patented Polymer Partition technology, which isolates the optical detection path from the water sample. The unprecedented ease-of-use and time-to-results allows continuously automated interpretation of water samples and provides robust results that are not sensitive to water sample turbidity and color. It runs four simultaneous tests.

Additional Details

  • Minimal handling of samples to provide highly reliable results

  • Can initiate a test at any time

  • Doesn’t require specialized personnel

  • Directly tests turbid samples

  • Self-contained desktop packaging with touchscreen control


  • Broad-spectrum E. coli (glucuronidase enzyme)

  • Total Coliforms (galactosidase enzyme)

  • Fecal Coliforms (galactosidase enzyme)

  • Enterococcus (glucosidase enzyme)

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